A wide variety of character concepts and commissions


Incentive Cover for Steven Universe (2016)
Inks for SHADE THE CHANGING GIRL Issue #12 (2017)
Inks for SHADE THE CHANGING GIRL issue #12 (2017)
Spidey vs Venom (2016)
Old Man Hanzo illustration (2018)
Solas Tarot Card (2015)
The Legend of Atlin Cover Concept (2015)
Infected Wolf (2015)
Demon Girl Speed Paint (2018)
Dungeons & Dragons Character Design (2018)
Original Character Creature Design (2015)
Character Concept Design for KILL THE MUSIC comic series (2018)
Original Character Creature Design (2018)
Ring Concepts (2018)
Sailor Moon (2018)
Speed Paint Pratice (2018)
Speed Paint practice (2018)
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