Hey there! 

My name is Katie Jones AKA Kat Hayashida!

I am a Professional Illustrator and Visual Development Concept Designer.
I work freelance and am seeking a permanent position in the entertainment design field, where I can utilize Photoshop, my excellent illustration skills, and a creative imagination to become a concept designer for movies, video games, and comics. I am constantly learning and improving my drawing and painting skills through study and experiences I have had in this field.

My credits include:

Boom! Studios comics for Cartoon Network's STEVEN UNIVERSE and ADVENTURE TIME 

DC Comics and DC's Young Animal Series SHADE THE CHANGING GIRL 

Concept work for the film "In World War," written and directed by DJ Bad Vegan, and produced by Gordon Wittmann.

Please visit the http://www.inworldwar.com/ to learn more about the film.

My art mainly consists of concept designs for certain aspects in projects I had in school. Though, my main focus is creating worlds, characters, story lines, and backgrounds for my Graphic Novel called The Legend of Atlin. I really would like to pursue my career in Concept Designing for comics, video games, films, etc

I currently reside in sunny San Diego, CA and am soaking up the Cali sun! 

I graduated with a Bachelor of Art: Emphasis in Drawing at Wichita State University, in Wichita, KS 

Currently, I am working with Boom! Studios for Steven Universe, but  I am always looking to refresh my work for any new opportunities!

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