Hey there! 

My Name is Katie Jones!

I am a Illustrator and Visual Concept Designer.
I work freelance and am seeking a position in the entertainment design field, where I can utilize Photoshop, my excellent illustration skills, and a creative imagination to become a Concept Designer for movies, video games, and/or comics. I am constantly learning and improving my drawing and painting skills through study and experiences I have had in this field.

My credits include:

Steven Universe Comics with Boom! Studios

Concept work for the film "In World War," written and directed by DJ Bad Vegan, and produced by Gordon Wittmann.

Please visit the http://www.inworldwar.com/ to learn more about the film.

My art mainly consists of concept designs for certain aspects in projects I had in school. Though, my main focus is creating worlds, characters, story lines, and backgrounds for my Graphic Novel called The Legend of Atlin. I really would like to pursue my career in Concept Designing for comics, video games, films, etc

Originally I am from San Diego, CA.  I currently reside in little 'ol Wichita, Kansas and will glady pack my things if I need to relocate.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Art: Emphasis in Drawing at Wichita State University, in Wichita, KS 

Currently, I am working with Boom! Studios for Steven Universe, but  I am always looking to refresh my work for any new opportunities!

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